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The First Book of Water


The First Book of Water: Water seems to have magic. Here it is and now it's gone You see it and now you don't It is water-now vapor-now a cloud It falls from the sky It's a pool on the ground Now it's gone again It runs down the river but the river is still full It pours steadily into the great ocean, but the ocean never runs over It appears at dawn as shiny drops of dew on the grass. Look again later and presto, the drops are gone Now it has changed from a drop of water into a snow crystal It's a piece of ice you can hold in your hand for a minute gone now, dripping through your fingers This informative and engaging book explores the many ways in which water affects our lives, from the water cycle and the importance of water for life, to the ways in which we use and manage water, and the impact of water on the environment. With clear, concise text and beautiful illustrations, this book is perfect for young readers who want to learn more about this vital resource. Whether they are interested in science, nature, or simply want to know more about the world around them, The First Book of Water is an ideal choice.Look for other books in this series from Living Book Press.