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The History Mystery Kids: Fiasco in Florida (Book #1)


An exciting new series that explores American History by taking readers back in time!

It's the grand re-opening of the local museum and Professor Abner Jefferson is there to showcase the new American History exhibit. But he has a surprise...For the first time ever, he is going to open a book that he believes traces back to the Revolutionary War, a book that belonged to Paul Revere himself.

Suddenly, as the Professor Abner opens the book and the ground begins to shake. As the nearby crowd begins to panic, the kids look over to see Professor Abner is gone!

April, Henry, and Toad quickly realize they are the only ones who are going to save him and jump into the book where he disappeared. 

Where did Professor Abner Jefferson go? Can the kids put history back together, find the pieces of the puzzle, and save Professor Abner or will they be stuck in history forever?