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TLP: The Hiding Place Study Guide


This extensive study guide workbook covers comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar & enrichment ideas related to The Hiding Place for 8th-10th graders. As students read, they complete worksheets, writing topics, hands-on activities and field trips.

The study guide is broken down into weekly units in which students read a section of the novel and answers comprehension questions pertaining to those chapters. Each unit contains a variety of critical thinking activities including projects, drawing, writing assignments, and a puzzles which correlate to chapters in the novel. Writing assignments apply concepts in the story to the student's life and many passages are chosen to emphasize Biblical lessons that relate to the story.

Total Language Plus study guides are designed to take about 8 to 10 weeks to complete. Depending on the number of activities students perform and the degree of emphasis placed on composition skills, this study guide may serve as your complete Language Arts curriculum.