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Trading Card Binder Belt Ball Laser

A dazzling display of style & functionality, our Holographic Binder Case is the ultimate way to showcase & protect your treasured trading card collection. Its unique design & customizable features make it a must-have for any trading card enthusiast.

UNIQUE HOLOGRAPHIC DESIGN: Exclusive to our binders is an iridescent holographic cover, a stunning feature that reflects light beautifully, creating a mesmerizing rainbow effect reminiscent of rare holographic cards' shimmering surface. This distinctive design resonates well w/ collectors of special style cards, such as MTG, Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Yugioh & baseball cards.

PERSONALIZE W/ CUTE STICKERS: Each binder includes a sticker set, perfect for adding a personal touch to the cover. Energize your Pokémon case, baseball card holder or YuGiOh binder with playful energy symbols, expressive eyes, and cheeky faces for extra fun and flair.

AMPLE STORAGE VAULT W/ PROTECTION: Our binder comes equipped w/ 50 double-sided, 4-pocket acid-free PP sleeves, capable of holding 400 cards. This large capacity ensures that your collection, be it Pokémon cards, basketball cards or hockey cards, is stored securely, w/ maximum protection & easy organization.

DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE & DURABILITY: Our organizer is an easy-to-transport album binder that features a full zipper enclosure & a convenient hand-carry strap. The cover material is water-resistant, ensuring your cards stay safe from spills. We use a strong 3-ring clasp for easily adding & removing pages.