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Cookies for Santa Picture Book


The Story of How Santa’s Favorite Cookie Saved Christmas

Celebrate the holidays with a picture book your family will return to year after year. . . including a special recipe for Chocolate "Krinkle" Cookies! From the experts at America's Test Kitchen comes a new twist on a holiday tradition.

Every Christmas, millions of children leave cookies out for Santa Claus. What they may not know is that many many years ago, Santa's grandma made cookies for Santa, and now every year Santa now makes cookies for Mrs. Claus, the elves and his reindeer. So, when we leave cookies for him, we're honoring Santa's family tradition

But when Santa's family cookbook goes missing, Santa is unable to make cookies for his family. He is very sad and even considers skipping Christmas. Luckily for Santa (and for kids all around the world), a little girl finds the cookbook, and with the help of America's Test Kitchen, inspires families from all over the world to help Santa and his family have a happy holiday!