Countries of the World Pocket Genius

by Penguin

Explore the planet and journey across the world to discover what makes it special in this fact-filled Pocket Eyewitness book for children aged 9-12.

This country guide is divided into continental chapters, featuring each nation's geography, climate, and economics, supplemented by stats and data. Children will learn the national flags, official names, capital cities, populations, total area, population density, languages, literacy rate, type of government, and currency, all meticulously researched from the latest sources.

- A pocket-sized but detailed guide, fitting all the important information into one small package.
- Up to 200 country profiles, each featuring a map, flag and keynote statistics.
- Easy-to-navigate chapters presented in geographical order, making it easy to explore the world.

Which is the biggest country in the world? Which one has the most people? Which one has three capital cities? Children can find the answers to these questions and more in the pages of this illustrated reference guide to all the countries of the world.

Suitable for all children interested in geography, this guide presents lots of useful information and facts about the world we live in. Each country entry has a full-color map showing terrain, major places, and geographical features. There is also a fascinating 'insight' fact for each country revealing interesting details that make places so unique.