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Explode the Code, Book 3 1/2 (2nd Edition; Homeschool Edition)


Explode the Code Book 3 1/2is designed for students who require additional practice with the concepts taught in Explode the Code Book 3, 2nd Edition (sold-separately).Perfect for reinforcement and extension activities, exercises cover the same concepts as the whole-number book: y as a vowel, long vowels with silent-e, and consonant and vowel digraphs. Students also gain additional practice opportunities reading and writing one-syllable words that include digraphs and long vowel sounds.

The 2nd Edition of Explode the Code features:

  • Revised student directions for precision and ease of understanding

  • Updated content and some illustrations to clarify examples
  • Stories in Books 7 & 8 were revised and/or replaced with new content

124 pages, softcover. Non-reproducible, consumable workbook. 2nd Edition. Grades 1-3.

Please note that this item is available for purchase by Homeschools only.