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Learn Math Fast: Vol 3 Prealgebra


203-page paperback book with 30 lessons, 30 worksheets, three chapter tests and one final test
Answer Key in the back of the book with full solutions 
Topics covered in volume 3 are typically taught in 7th and 8th grade, but we don't mention grade level in the books. 

Stand Alone or Supplemental?
     If your student can already add, subtract, multiply and divide REALLY WELL, even with a decimal point and can solve the problem below, then you can start with Volume 3 as a stand-alone curriculum for your prealgebra course.   
     "Negative five and seven sixteenths divided by two and five eighths" 

Their answer should be reduced down to "Negative two and one fourteenth."

     On the other hand, if your student cannot answer the problem above, you should not start with this book.  Volume 2 teaches students how to work with negative mixed numbers.  Volume 1 teaches students the foundation.  If your older student struggles with math, volume 1 is the place to start.  Tell the student it is the only way to find out what they missed.  Plus they will learn a bunch of cool tricks to make math go much faster.  Most high schoolers can complete volumes 1 and 2 in about two months.
Scope and Sequence (Prealgebra)
Students will learn the basic concepts needed to solve for x in a linear equation.  
They will solve for x in terms of y to plot lines on a graph.
Ratios and Proportions are used to solve story problems and unit conversion.
Opposite operations are emphasized including the opposite operations Square Root and Exponents.
Students will combine like terms and use the Proper Order of Operations to solve and simplify equations.
Fluent Distributive Property of Multiplication is taught.
The Slope of a Line is found.  Linear equations are graphed.  Students can identify the y-intercept of a line, the origin of a graph, and the x-intercept.