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Rand McNally: Junior Classroom Atlas

by Ingram

Trust Rand McNally's Junior Classroom Atlas for the right amount and level of information for your elementary students. Our colorful, engaging atlas is ideal for students in second through fourth grades and was developed from our award-winning Classroom Atlas, just simplified for younger students. Atlas features: •Completely redesigned with a new layout, eye-catching pictures, informative graphics, and fully updated map content •Teaches map and globe skills to younger students •Features photos, graphs, interesting facts, and thought-provoking questions that reinforce map concepts •Includes 15 physical, political, and thematic maps •Includes Handbook of Map Skills that helps students understand how to use maps and globes •Contains glossary that defines terms in the atlas •Elementary atlas geared for students from 2nd-4th grades •48 pages, paperback, 8.5" x 10 7/8"