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The Little Grammar People


Join in the adventures of Linda and Barry as they journey to the Kingdom of Grammar and meet the quaint little people who lie at the roots of our language.Some of the fascinating characters met in this book include:

  • Sir Pronoun – the obliging stand-in for little Miss Noun.
  • Madam Adjective – with her infinitely changing moods.
  • Master Verb – who is always being hauled into the Grammar court on the charge of irregularity.
  • Small Boy Preposition – who, with Miss Noun fills in when Lady Adverb and Madam Adjective are too busy (or too lazy) to appear in person.
  • Wee Baby Conjunction – King Speech’s favourite little handmaiden who guides him smoothly over all the rocky places.And many more…

The delicacy and imagination that distinguish The Little Grammar People make it a book for all children who have a dream in their hearts; and teachers will find it invaluable in helping young pupils to understand and respect their own language. Celeste Mass’s illustrations, individual and finely drawn, are the perfect accompaniment to the book’s text.