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Toob: Ancient Fossils


Ancient fossils toob is perfect for anyone, from basic enthusiasts to actual paleontologists! It includes figurines of a dinosaur footprint, giant crab, ammonite, raptor claw, fossilized frog, trilobite, t-rex tooth, fossilized fish, dinosaur skin, and a sea scorpion.

History: the main focus of paleontology, fossils are mainly studied in terms of their age, how they were formed, and any insight they give into our current taxonomy of species. Although new species are still being discovered, the modern goal of paleontology and the study of fossils is to fill out and properly order the tree of life.

Characteristics: individually hand painted and professionally crafted to be as scientifically accurate as possible, these figurines are great for imaginative play, insightful learning, or even as cute decor for your nightstand, desk, or bookshelf.